Career Mastery Platinum Program

A Proven Blueprint For Landing Your Dream Job Fast

  • Define what a Dream Job means to you (this is the foundation most people ignore!)
  • Proven resume strategies that transform your CV into a digital salesman
  • How to have confidence in job interviews (using methods that simplify the process)
  • How to build a project that reverse engineers the skills & experience you need to succeed
  • How to send “cold emails” to businesses and tap a MASSIVE reservoir of unadvertised jobs


Productivity Accelerator

Get 10X More Done With A ToolBox Of Tested Techniques

  • How to structure your day for maximum output (using a framework customised for you!)
  • Easy morning, afternoon, and nightly rituals that make 10X productivity a daily practice
  • Fast acting techniques that make you the MASTER of your time (not a slave to it!)
  • Systems for decluttering your schedule in a way that allows you to FOCUS (which is the KEY to productivity!)
  • Proven methods for blasting through complicated projects quickly and effortlessly


Personal Branding Masterclass

How To Build A Brand That Attracts High Quality People & Opportunities

  • How to build a personal brand that consistently attracts high quality projects!
  • 12 simple branding strategies for positioning yourself as an expert in your field
  • Proven strategies for building brand awareness fast (using content people absolutely love!)
  • Why building a brand is the BEST way to retrenchment-proof your career forever
  • How to get an unfair advantage over other job applicants (using my “Results In Advance” technique)


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