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About Me

Hi I’m Will Vaughan. My journey started when I was working in a nightmare warehouse job in Melbourne Australia. I was stuck there because landing my dream job in publishing seemed impossible. One day I decided enough was enough! From then on I took 100% responsibility for my skill development & career. Not long after that I landed my dream job as a digital copywriter. Now my mission is to teach others how to land THEIR dream jobs. I’m constantly creating new courses, books, and articles that reveal proven strategies for taking your career to the next level.

Career Mastery Blog

Career Advice For Millennials In 2020

Us millennials often cop a bad rap. We’re often seen as entitled, ungrateful, and impatient. But we all know that’s baby boomer B.S.! As a millenial, you’re probably living in the best time of human …

Do I Have To Change My Resume For Each Job?

When you’re applying for job after job, it can seem tiresome or annoying to have to amend your resume for every application. But it’s absolutely vital that your resume is tailored for every application, keep …

Salary Negotiation: An Ultimate Guide To Getting Paid What You Deserve

Earning more money in your job isn’t as complicated as you might think. From my experience, it’s as much of a mental game as it is a reflection of your skills and experience. In this …

Get My #1 eBook FREE: The 17 Laws Of Career Mastery (Join The Top 1% In Your Field)